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The Friends of Carmel JMJ is an organization committed to providing support and financial assistance to the Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in Elysburg, PA, a convent of discalced Carmelite nuns who live a completely enclosed and contemplative life.

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A Sister took her First Vows and a priest offered his First Mass!

           After six months of a postulancy, and one year as a novice, a Sister took her First Vows on Friday, May 31. It was a beautiful ceremony, celebrated by Fr. James McLucas, and assisted by Mgsr. James Byrnes and Fr. James Gordon. Her two sisters, brother-in-law, and her six-month-old nephew made the grueling 24-hour trip from Australia to be with her on this momentous occasion.

A sister’s First Vows marks the second of three steps towards Solemn Profession. This is her Wedding Day – the day that sees her married to Christ. The difference between First Vows and Solemn Profession is more of “legality”. Given how difficult the Carmelite life is, the Church has instituted the practice of First Vows. This allows the Sister to make her Profession, and to have time to prepare herself by prayer and the living out of the Evangelical Counsels to eventually make her Profession for life and take the black veil at the ceremony of the Solemn Profession three years later. First Vows are not permanent as Solemn Vows are. The Sister in First Vows is still in formation until she makes her Solemn Profession

Please continue to pray for this Sister and all the other Novices preparing to make their Solemn Vows. And they thank you and pray for you in return!

            Fr. Daniel Richards offered his first Solemn High Mass here at the Carmelite Monastery this morning, June 3. Assisted by several priests and deacons, and well attended by the Carmelite community, this was the second Mass of his priesthood. In his sermon, he spoke of how close he felt to the Sisters during his ordination, knowing that their prayers and those of many others was what got him to today. “We are all one,” he said – one family in Christ.

Father Richards (left center) is all smiles as he and his assistants gather outside after his first Solemn High Mass

First Mass of the newly-ordained Fr. Daniel Richards

Fr. Daniel Richards will celebrate his first Mass for the Sisters at Carmel on Monday, June 3, at 10:00 am. He was ordained Saturday, June 1. His first Mass as a newly-ordained priest will be Sunday, June 2.

Diamond Jubilee was Golden

The Community of Nuns at the Monastery of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in Elysburg, PA celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of one of their own today with a Solemn Pontifical High Mass offered by Auxiliary Bishop of Pittsburgh, William J. Waltersheid.  Following the  Mass, those in attendance were able to visit with Sister on this the 60th  anniversary of her profession of vows.  Sister radiated joy and all those who visited with her in the Speak Room carried some of that joy out with them.  Bishop Waltersheid spoke of Our Lady of Fatima and The Immaculate Heart of Mary on this the Feast Day of Our Lady of Fatima.

The Friends of Carmel JMJ would like to thank all of you who prayerfully and financially supported the Sisters and please be assured that they are immensely grateful for your friendship.

Note:  The vestments of the Clergy in today's Mass were Golden Yellow.

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