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Praised be Jesus Christ

The Friends of Carmel JMJ is an organization committed to providing support and financial assistance to the Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in Elysburg, PA, a convent of discalced Carmelite nuns who live a completely enclosed and contemplative life.

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Rorate Mass and Special Announcement

Greetings to all Friends of the Carmel of Jesus, Mary & Joseph (Elysburg, PA)


All are invited to attend the very beautiful Rorate candlelit mass on Saturday, December 13th, 2014. The Rorate Mass will begin at 6:30 AM. More information on the Rorate Mass can be found HERE .  WARNING: Attendance at the Rorate Mass may result in an uncontrollable desire to repeat your attendance every year.  



During the 12 days of Christmas, the Monastery caretaker family will be cooking two meals every day for the Sister to allow them more opportunity to prayerfully meditate on the joys of the Christmas season by relieving them of the work associated with meal preparation for those twenty-four meals.  The family will also be providing for the Chaplain.  The family prepares the food at their home and then motors it up to put on the turn keeping it hot along the way.  As you can imagine, cooking 24 meals for over 20 people places a large burden on the Caretakers and if you live nearby and can help with food preparation, shopping or donations just call Mary at the phone number on the top right hand side of our web page.  

If you do not live close to the Monastery (as most of our Subscribers do not) you can help by donating food cards from Sam's Club or Boyers Market. The links should take you directly to the gift card page for each company.

Naturally, the sooner the better on this one as there is a lot of work to do before the first meal is prepared.

We will also try to present Fr. Orlowski's "O Antiphons" series this year so please understand that during that period before Christmas you will receive one email from us with each O Antiphon. More on the O Antiphons can be found HERE.  Fr. Orlowski is a former Chaplain who is now assigned to an Latin Mass community in Ohio.

As always, we at the Friends of Carmel JMJ, appreciate your help in helping us support the Nuns.  As one cloistered Monk stated when someone asked him "Why don't you go out an help the poor or teach.  You lives serve no purpose."  His reply was, "You are correct, our lives serve no purpose, they serve God." (quotes paraphrased).

Thank God for all contemplative communities that support us by serving God with their prayers and lives of sacrifice and penance.

Have a Blessed Advent and Christmas.

Announcements from Carmel

Greetings to all Friends of Carmel JMJ

As usual, we would like to thank all of you for your generous support of the Nuns at the Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  May God Reward You All.

Here are some announcements...

1)  There will be a First Profession and Mass on November 24th at 9:30 AM, the Feast Day of St. John of the Cross.  The Nuns refer to St. John as their Holy Father and to St. Theresa as their Holy Mother.  So that gives us an idea of how important it will be to the young Nun making her First Professional on this date.  All are invited.

2)  On November 30th, the Carmel will have the assistance of Seminarians from Mount Saint Mary's Seminary at their 8 AM Sunday Mass.  The Mass should be a Solemn High Mass.  This is really a beautiful sight so if you have not seen a Solemn High Mass in the Traditional Rite this would be a good opportunity for you to do so.

3)  There will be a young lady entering the Carmel on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, December 8, 2014 following the Mass.  The Mass time has been changed for that date to 9 AM.

4)  As many of you know, the Friends of Carmel JMJ is helping the Sisters with a big project, the building of a new Monastery.  As the project is still in the very early stages we have had no real news to release as of yet.  But we do expect that to change in the very near future so stay tuned to our web site.  We will, of course, need your help with this monumental undertaking. But more about the why's, where and how's later.  For now if you could help us by asking your friends and family to sign up as a Friend of Carmel JMJ our messages will reach an ever wider group of faithful Catholics.

Remember, the Friends of Carmel JMJ is a support organization for the Nuns.  The Nuns are not actively involved in our organization but we are actively involved in helping them with their day to day needs as well as their future planning.

Praised Be Jesus Christ Now and Forever


Friends of Carmel JMJ

Solemn High Pontifical Mass with Bishop Gainer

His Excellency Bishop Ronald Gainer of the Diocese of Harrisburg, will celebrate a Solemn High Pontifical Mass here at the Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in Elysburg, PA.  Since Carmel is located in the Diocese of Harrisburg, having their Bishop celebrate Mass in their Chapel will be an especially joyful time for the Sisters.

Mass Time:  5:00 PM

Date:  October 15th, 2014

Special Note: Feast day of St. Teresa of Avila

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